COMING SOON – Digital Book Tour!

Nov 11, 2021 by Holly Carr

Wow … long time between posts.

So obviously I’m not going to be updating this blog as often as I thought I’d be. It’s a bit tough having a day job, writing a novel, and promoting IMPERFECT all at once. There are only so many hours in a day.

On the subject of time, lordship and dominion over it is definitely the superpower I’d pick, given the choice. Can you imagine? An extra hour in bed in the morning, a couple more at night to binge watching your favourite TV show … not to mention that I could repeat all my days and spend the duplicate writing!

Speaking of TV shows, is anyone else hanging out for November 19th? I’ve been reading the Wheel of Time novels since Winter’s Heart came out and I am SO EXCITED to see what Amazon has done with it. A bit nervous too, truth be told. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t hold up to the hype.

Anyway, that’s where you’ll find me in a week’s time – stuffing my face with snacks on the couch while I watch the first three episodes. Lord help my husband if he starts asking me questions while it’s on.

And a couple of days after that, I have a digital book tour starting! I’m a bit nervous, truth be told. These reviewers will be the first professional critique I’ve had (unless you count my editor). It’s all well and good for your family and friends to tell you they enjoyed it, but strangers aren’t going to hold back. Cross your fingers for me.

The tour will be going for two weeks and will have 68 stops across the UK and USA (mostly UK). I kind of stumbled into it — that’s why it’s all overseas. If it goes well, I might look at doing one in Australia, or even one based in the USA, but I’m adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude for the moment.

 Anyway, that’s it from me for now. Thanks for reading!