IMPERFECT launching today!

Aug 05, 2021 by Holly Carr

I’ve been waiting so long for this! IMPERFECT is out today!

I’m keeping it under my hat for now as there are a few admin-type things that need to happen before I officially announce it. If you’re reading this before anything has been said — shhhhh!!! You’re sworn to secrecy.

That last part was probably unnecessary. As I’ve never published a book before, I’d say it’s unlikely that I’m doing anything besides screaming into the void with these blog posts. I could be reciting recipes for mud pies or explaining how to cure cancer — either way, no one is listening. And that’s fine, because not much can ruin my good mood today!

I will admit that I am disappointed I can’t go out and celebrate as Victoria is in lockdown (thanks coronavirus), but I guess the silver lining is that no one else can go anywhere either? It’s the perfect time to market a book. Or to launch your new booze label. Six lockdowns will make you thirsty.

I’m also working on getting a mail sign up button onto my website, which will mean you can stay in touch to hear about my future book releases. It will also give you a FREE (unedited) sneak peek at the first two chapters of ‘UNLUCKY’, my next novel. This should be out next year, and it’s shaping up to be even better than ‘IMPERFECT’.

Actually, I could be wrong about that. I have to admit that I’m thoroughly sick of reading ‘IMPERFECT’ — I’ve never read a book as many times as I’ve had to read my own. Between the editing and proofreading, there are books on my shelf that are literally falling apart that I’ve read less.

Perhaps that isn’t the best thing to say about your own novel when you’re trying to sell it, but it’s only the truth! If you ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for over a year, you’d probably get sick of that too.

Anyway, that’s probably enough said. I’m craving some chocolate now, so I’m going to post this and take a break.

Thanks for reading!