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A workplace crush is supposed to be light-hearted. Frivolous, even. Just someone to star in your daydreams, whenever you’ve got twenty minutes of boring downtime to fill.

Sam isn’t ready to develop actual feelings for someone. And Alex doesn’t plan to fall in love ever again. Not after Victoria.

But what if it’s perfect?

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The riveting forthcoming second novel by Holly Carr

Lucky has always privately felt that her name wasn’t all that accurate. She never seemed to get what she wanted, opportunities didn’t quite pan out, and things with Levi … well, at least they were doing better than her parents.

August was content, up here on the mountain. A bit lonely, for sure. And his financial situation was in the toilet. But it was peaceful — an unexpected blessing after the wild ride that had landed him here a decade ago.

No one could have predicted how much both of their lives would change in the forty-eight hours after they meet.

A life-changing decision, a tentative romance and an astonishing revelation are just the tip of the iceberg. The unbelievable finale will unravel more than one mystery.

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